We manufacture and finalize high quality products, built to last, that meet and exceed industry standards. From chassis components to their complete manufacturing, ISE specializes in value-added productions and repetitive volumes.


ISE is working with important players in the transport market and has become familiar with the expectations and needs of this sector. Our commitment to vertical integration means better control of delivery requirements and the final quality of the products we produce.


ISE goes beyond the expectations of a standard supplier. For more than 85 years, we are the partner of choice for OEMs who want local partners in North America.


Our ISO 9001: 2015 and 14001: 2015 certified processes, as well as our experience with our special transport customers, guarantee you unparalleled solutions for all your needs.


ISE is a recognized leader in forming and stamping operations of various metal components and collaborates with several major players in the appliance market. From collaborative design to prototyping to mass production, we are able to support our partners throughout their development cycle.


Our approach to customer support is an open communication and we are sensitive to the ever-changing demands that this industry demands. ISE has a niche expertise with several very long-standing partners who seek, above all, the highest level of quality for their products.


ISE is familiar with product design and manufacture with an emphasis on reliability and ruggedness while complying with industry regulations. Additionally, we understand that field repairs are not an option. With our advanced technology and our lean manufacturing methods, we can meet the needs of the industry, such as high precision packaging of different custom sizes.